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Hi everybody! I'm in between freelance jobs and I'm kind of low on cash at the moment, so I'm offering to do some commissions once again! Down below I'll have an example of each type of commission I'll be able to do and for what price.

This is all digital work, so unfortunately this won't be something you'll really be able to show off in a physical-sense. However, I am willing to print out your special commission upon request- I just ask that you cover shipping and handling.
Some of these prices are not final- depending on subject complexity and time spent working on the commission, the price could change.

So, please message me (or send me an email @ if you're looking to have a private piece done for you!

$20- B&W Character sketch
$40- B&W Environment/Character(s) sketch
$80- Full-color Character digital painting
$160- Full-color Environment/Character(s) digital painting

(Some are old examples, newer stuff will be of a higher quality)